We love our customers!

I am very satisfied with my experience with Pay My Repairs so far. Bruce answered my questions and concerns even though I misunderstood several things at first. He not only helped me determine the best plan for my vehicle, he also arranged payments so the cost could be spread out over time. One thing, these contracts are not warranties as I originally thought (apparently only manufacturers can issue a warranty) but the coverage can be the same depending on which plan you go with. Good luck and thanks again!
W. Jackson
I’d just like to drop a line to thank Pay My Repairs. I looked into several places for the best policy and have been thrilled with the policy I got through you. In my experience, your name pretty much sums it up when it comes to paying my car repair bills. 🙂
Gail S.
I filed my first claim this week and was pleasantly surprise at how easy the process was. Once the problem with my vehicle was diagnosed (damaged transmission) the dealer knew exactly what to do with my information and I did not have to get involved with payment in any way. What a relief! Thanks again.
Bobby P.