For a detailed explanation of this plans coverage, we recommend reviewing the actual contract here: Pay My Repairs Road Club Policy

Road Club Benefits:

Auto Repair Parts & Labor Discount**: If, having called and requested service for a covered event as a result of a unforeseen emergency situation your inoperable covered vehicle requires repairs, you can save (depending on which of the 2 options is selected) up to thirty percent (30%) up to $500 per repair or invoice up to $2,500 per 12 month membership period subject to the exclusions listed below or up to fifty percent (50%) per repair or invoice up to $2,500 per 12 month membership period subject to the exclusions listed below. To avail of this benefit, the Motor Club Membership must be active for at least 30 days and the vehicle must has been driven for a minimum of 1000 miles since membership activation. Additionally, the repair must have been performed by a licensed facility and the member must provide proof of repair payment. The Auto Repair Part & Labor Discount claim request must be received within one hundred twenty (120) days of the date that the repair was made.

Towing*: Your vehicle can be towed up to $100, at no extra cost.

Lockouts*: If you are locked out of your eligible vehicle, you must contact our toll‐free dispatch service for assistance.

Battery Service*: A jumpstart or minor emergency mechanical adjustments will be applied to start your vehicle at the point of disablement. This benefit is not available for either electric or Hybrid vehicles.

Flat Tire*: We will install your inflated spare. (If you have no spare or if your spare is flat, no reimbursement is available for the cost of tire repair or the second service call to return the repaired tire to the disabled vehicle.) We do not bring new tires out to members. If your spare is flat, missing, or the original tire cannot be removed, the vehicle will be towed.

Fuel Delivery*: An emergency supply of gasoline, oil, water, or other materials or parts will be delivered to a member’s vehicle in cases of immediate need. Members are responsible for the cost of the liquids, parts, or materials delivered. Delivery of diesel, biodiesel, or ethanol fuel is not available.

Accident coverage*: In the event of an accident, your insurance provider should take responsibility for your vehicle and should be your first point of contact. If you are not able to obtain service through your insurance company, we will dispatch service to assist you. Roadside assistance coverage is limited to $100 per event.

Reimbursement*: If you call us and we cannot dispatch service, our telephone representative will authorize you to call a local service provider and will give you an authorization number. You may then call the service provider of your choice and pay directly for services. You may be reimbursed for the actual event cost up to $100 for a tow or up to $50 for Roadside service.

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PLEASE NOTE: If your vehicle has a pre-existing condition, the insurance provider will not pay for repairs.

Unfortunately, some of our clients have bought a new extended service contract with the full knowledge that their vehicle is already in need of expensive repairs. This practice is all too common in our industry, and it only causes a headache for everyone involved – insurance provider and claimant.

First, we would like to say: We get it. No one expects a car breakdown or costly repair, and sometimes, paying to get the car back in running condition is financially impossible. That is why we offer great plans to our clients – so that accidents like these do not send people into debt or disruption. But if your vehicle has a pre-existing condition, and you intend on buying a new extended service policy to pay for the repairs, then we advise you take a step back.

An extended service contract is designed to pay for problems that might occur in the future, not to repair problems that already exist.

To protect their customers, extended service policies do not go into effect until the end of a mandatory grace period. Typically, this period lasts for 30 days AND 1,000 miles. After the contract is purchased, the vehicle needs to drive at least 1,000 miles, and at least 30 days need to pass before the contract will take effect. All damages suffered to the vehicle during the grace period are also not covered. The grace period is intended to be a detractor to would-be criminal activity.

Additionally, any claim made within 90 days of enrollment will be scrutinized by the insurance provider. does not process or pay any claims. We bring together good customers and premium insurance providers. The insurance providers we broker determine whether your claim is eligible for reimbursement. We choose the most reliable, financially stable insurance providers in the market – who protect their well-intentioned clients by identifying pre-existing damages. With all the insurance fraud out there, our providers catch most would-be fraudsters in the act. Honestly, it isn’t worth the headache.