The DOWC Level 4 Plan is a full coverage extended service contract that ensures that unscheduled repair and maintenance bills never impact your bank account. All parts that were covered by the manufacturer’s warranty will be covered.

For a detailed explanation of this plans coverage, we recommend reviewing the actual contract here: DOWC Level 4 Contract

All components are covered except those listed below:

1. Diagnostic, tear down, disassembly, and/or assembly costs for noncovered repairs and parts.

2. Repair Facility labor Costs in excess of the Labor Rate.

3. Any portion of the Cost not approved by the Administrator and, therefore, not paid by the Provider.

4. Repair or replacement of any Covered Part when the Breakdown information provided by You or the Repair Facility cannot be verified as accurate or is found to be deceptively inaccurate by the Administrator.

5. Repairs that are performed without the Administrator’s prior authorization, except when the Administrator’s office is closed and emergency repairs are necessary (see “SECTION 5 – WHAT TO DO IF REPAIRS ARE NEEDED/FILING A CLAIM”).

6. For a Breakdown which occurred or existed prior to or is the result of a condition which existed prior to the Effective Date or Provider’s receipt of payment for and approval of the Service Contract, whichever is later.

7. For the Breakdown of a Covered Part resulting from the failure of a non-covered part.

8. Maintenance and parts of the Vehicle subject to regular maintenance and labor costs, and costs of parts for such maintenance regardless of Coverage of a Part otherwise. This includes but is not limited to the maintenance services and parts described in the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule for Your Vehicle such as engine tune-up (includes spark plugs, glow plugs, ignition wires, distributor cap and rotor), carburetor, all batteries (including but not limited to: lithium-ion battery), filters, lubricants or fluids, air conditioning refrigerant, engine coolant, all hoses and belts (not specifically listed), wiper blades, brake pads and shoes, brake rotors and drums, suspension alignment, constant velocity boots, tires, wheel covers, wheel rims, wheels, wheel balancing, shock absorbers, exhaust system, catalytic converter, Vehicle charging station, friction clutch disc and pressure plate and clutch throw out bearing.

9. For a Breakdown if Your maintenance obligations under this Service Contract have not been satisfied and/or maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer has not been performed or for a Breakdown caused by abuse, misuse, tampering, alterations, or making improper adjustments or lack of customary maintenance as recommended in the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule for Your Vehicle.

10. Glass, glass framework and fastening adhesives, sealed beam head lamps, light bulbs, lenses, trim, moldings, bright metal, upholstery, vinyl and convertible tops, paint, sheet metal, bumpers, alignment of
body parts, flexible body parts, door panels, body panels, structural framework, structural welds, hinges, door handles, and removable hardtop assemblies.

11. For any Costs covered by any Warranty covering Your Vehicle regardless of whether the warrantor honors such Warranty or whether You are able to obtain that benefit, and for any Costs that are or would have been covered under any Warranty whether or not such Warranty has been voided by the manufacturer or whether You are able to obtain that benefit. This Service Contract runs concurrent with, and is secondary to, any applicable Warranty or such other coverage for the full duration thereof. If the Warranty has been declared void, this Service Contract does not provide coverage that would have been included thereunder until the end of what would have been the full duration of the Warranty. The benefits provided under dealer Warranties required by state law are not covered by this Service Contract.

12. For a Breakdown that is a direct result of a mechanical or structural defect when the manufacturer has announced a public recall or factory technical service bulletin for the purpose of correcting such a defect, or
for any Breakdown Costs covered by a manufacturer’s Warranty, recall, factory technical service bulletin, or any other Breakdown Coverage that would assume responsibility for any Cost or benefit contained within the terms and conditions of this service contract, regardless of whether You obtain those benefits.

13. For expenses charged for the disposal of environmentally unsafe materials, non-specific materials, shop supplies, and other noncovered Repair Facility charges.

14. For any Covered Part which has not experienced a Breakdown but which a Repair Facility recommends to be repaired or replaced.

15. For a Breakdown caused by or involving collision, fire, theft, vandalism, riot, terrorist acts, war, explosion, lightning, earthquake, hurricane, tropical storm, volcanic eruption, windstorm, hail, water, freezing, Acts of God, flood, or any loss that is insurable under standard physical damage Coverage whether or not such insurance may be in force with Your Vehicle.

16. For loss of time, economic loss, inconvenience, lodging, food, freight charges, core charges, storage charges, or other consequential or incidental loss or damage that resulted from a Breakdown, including but not limited to lost wages, lost time, loss of use of the Vehicle, commercial loss, or inconvenience, or for any liability arising from breach of implied warranties, damage to property, or for injury or death of any person, arising out of the operation, maintenance, or use of the Vehicle whether or not related to a Breakdown covered or not covered under this Service Contract. Any such liability is expressly excluded.

17. For any consequential, incidental, or progressive damage or loss should Your Vehicle be involved in a collision caused by or involving a Breakdown of a component covered by this Service Contract.

18. For additional loss or damage which is occasioned by You or operator’s negligence or failure to use all reasonable precautions to protect the Vehicle from any further loss or damage after a Breakdown or failure
has occurred or been indicated.

19. For a Breakdown resulting from or related to contaminated fluids, improper fuels or fluids, lack of proper fluid levels, overheating, lack of coolant, lack of lubricants, improper specification (type) of fluids, lack
of oil viscosity, sludge or restricted oil flow, including but not limited to damage to engine or transmission as a result of same. This includes fluid leaks.

20. For excessive oil consumption, loss of compression, or gradual reduction in performance not resulting from the Breakdown of a Covered Part.

21. If Your Vehicle was manufactured as a non-U.S. Specification model.

22. Aftermarket accessories or equipment, components, and systems not installed by the manufacturer, including but not limited to: antitheft systems, radar detectors, cb radios, radio/speaker equipment, cruise control, sunroof, solar powered devices, telephones, tv/vcr/dvd and related components, and appliances, and breakdowns resulting therefrom.

23. For a Breakdown resulting from the use of or involving modifications unless those modifications were performed by the manufacturer and the modifications meet the manufacturer’s specifications including but not limited to the following modifications: wheels/tires not to manufacturer’s specifications, frame, suspension or body lift kits, emission systems, exhaust system, engine, transmission and drive axle, or aftermarket performance parts or systems, or other equipment, component or systems not installed by the manufacturer.

24. For a Breakdown caused by towing a trailer or another Vehicle unless Your Vehicle is equipped for this as recommended by the manufacturer.

25. For a Breakdown resulting from the use of Your Vehicle for racing or other competition.

26. If Your Vehicle has been modified to plow snow, whether the snow plow blade is attached to the Vehicle or not, unless applicable Commercial Use surcharge is selected on the Information Schedule.

27. For the repair of valves and/or rings for the purpose of raising the engine’s compression when a Breakdown has not occurred.

28. To correct a cosmetic imperfection.

29. For a Breakdown or damage caused by the environment or weather such as rust or weather related corrosion.

30. If Your Vehicle is used for Commercial Use, unless the applicable surcharge has been selected and paid. Examples of commercial purposes/or use include but are not limited to: hauling, construction work, principal off road use, pickup and/or delivery service, snow plowing, dump beds, hoisting or lifting equipment attached, company pool use, business travel when the vehicle is used by more than one driver, vehicles used by a single driver for sales/services (i.e. real estate, cleaning services, home health/aide care services and gardening) or light duty contracting (i.e. electrician, carpenter and plumber), or other commercial use.

31. If Your Vehicle is used for daily rentals, carry passengers for hire (taxi, limousine, shuttle services, Uber, Lyft, or other livery type services), towing or road service operations, government/military use, law enforcement, fire, ambulance or other emergency services. These uses are excluded without exception. Selection and payment of the Commercial Coverage surcharge does not afford You Coverage under this Service Contract if Your Vehicle is used for one of these purposes.

32. If Your Vehicle is a one-ton truck or van, such as a Ford 350 or a Chevrolet 3500 series vehicles, unless the Applicable Coverage is permitted and selected. Vehicles rated over one-ton are excluded without exception.

33. If Your Vehicle’s odometer has been stopped, altered, tampered with, allowed to remain nonfunctional, disconnected, or broken, or misrepresents Your Vehicle’s actual mileage, including but not limited to odometer misrepresentation caused by the use or modification of the Vehicle with undersize or oversize tire and wheel assemblies.

34. For trucks that have dual rear wheels and/or trucks or Jeeps having greater than a four inch (4”) lift and/or greater than a five percent (5%) difference in diameter from factory tire size.

35. To repair, replace, adjust, or align any part not covered by this Service Contract as set forth in “SECTION 2 – WHAT THIS SERVICE CONTRACT COVERS” under the selected level of coverage identified on the Information Schedule.

36. For repairs made solely to meet or maintain any governmental emission standards.

37. For a Breakdown or damage caused to Your engine resulting from sludge or the ingestion of water.

38. For repairs of water and air leaks, rattles, squeaks and wind noise.

39. For a Breakdown or damage caused by neglecting to follow proper charging procedures or use of incompatible charging devices for Your plug-in hybrid/electric Vehicle.

40. For a Breakdown or damage caused by a power surge.

41. For seals and gaskets unless required in conjunction with a Covered Repair. Fluid leaks are not covered.

42. For faulty parts or labor provided by others during the course of a Covered Repair and for repairs performed due to improper diagnosis or a Breakdown due to improper previous repairs or a faulty part.

43. Any tax on parts and labor, unless state or federal law requires the Provider to pay such taxes.

44. If Your Vehicle had been declared a total loss, salvaged, or junk vehicle or for any vehicle determined to be a previous flood vehicle. IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE ITEMS, AS TO EMERGENCY TOWING/ROAD SERVICE/LOCK-OUT, THIS SERVICE CONTRACT DOES NOT COVER AND PROVIDES NO BENEFIT OR PAYMENT FOR:

45. For the cost of parts, replacement keys, fluids, lubricants, fuel, cost of installation of products or materials, Vehicle storage charges, penalties, or fines.

46. For non-emergency towing or other non-emergency service.

47. For any service available through a valid manufacturer’s Warranty or service, or Repair Facility, regardless of whether You are able to obtain that benefit.

48. For mounting or removing of snow tires or chains; winching; extrication; tire repair; or emergency roadside assistance required as a result thereof.

49. For camping trailers, travel trailers or any vehicles in tow or emergency roadside assistance required as a result thereof.

50. For more than one disablement from the same cause during any seven day period, a second tow relating to the same Breakdown, or for repeated service calls for a Vehicle in need of routine maintenance or repair.

51. For towing from or to an unlicensed Repair Facility or for towing by a company other than a licensed towing service, service station, or garage.

52. For service on a Vehicle that is not able to be towed in a conventional and safe manner.

53. For towing or service on roads not regularly maintained, such as vacant lots, beaches, open fields, forests, roads closed during the season of the request, areas designated as not passable due to construction, or other places which would be hazardous for service Vehicles to reach.

54. For towing in restricted areas that restrict or ban access to service providers, such as turnpikes and other governed highways.

55. For towing at the direction of a law enforcement officer relating to traffic obstruction, impoundment, abandonment, illegal parking, or other violations of law.

56. For the cost of service secured independent of this program in excess of fifty dollars ($50) per service.

Plan Coverage Benefits:

RENTAL REIMBURSEMENT: If Your Vehicle experiences a Breakdown and is inoperable or unsafe to drive and needs to be held for at least one Day as defined herein by a Repair Facility for a Covered Repair, We will reimburse You the Cost to rent a vehicle from a licensed rental agency at a rate not to exceed thirty-five dollars ($35.00) per Day up to the Rental Reimbursement Maximum. Rental Reimbursement is limited to a maximum of five (5) Days per Breakdown of the same Covered Part and an aggregate maximum of thirty (30) Days as limited by the Rental Reimbursement Maximum.

EMERGENCY TOWING / ROAD SERVICE / LOCK-OUT: In the event Your Vehicle is disabled, We will dispatch a service vehicle to Your location to assist You. In the event Your Vehicle is unable to continue under its own power, Your Vehicle may be towed up to fifty (50) miles at no cost to You additional mileage will be Your responsibility and payment must be made by You at the time service is rendered.

Additional roadside assistance services available to You at no cost are: battery jumpstart; flat tire change; fuel, oil, and water delivery; locksmith services. You are responsible for the actual cost of any delivered materials.

Limitations on Coverage: You are entitled to one (1) service per 72-hour period and limited to one (1) tow
per Breakdown of the same Covered Part.

Reimbursement: In the event Your Vehicle is disabled and You contract for any of the above roadside assistance services on Your own which would otherwise be subject to Coverage under this Vehicle Service Contract, You will be able to submit Your original receipted road service expenses for reimbursement consideration. Maximum reimbursement for any services which would be covered hereunder is strictly limited to fifty dollars ($50) per service. You must call the Administrator at 201-777-1000 in order to commence the reimbursement process. Claim processing information will be provided to You at that time.

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PLEASE NOTE: If your vehicle has a pre-existing condition, the insurance provider will not pay for repairs.

Unfortunately, some of our clients have bought a new extended service contract with the full knowledge that their vehicle is already in need of expensive repairs. This practice is all too common in our industry, and it only causes a headache for everyone involved – insurance provider and claimant.

First, we would like to say: We get it. No one expects a car breakdown or costly repair, and sometimes, paying to get the car back in running condition is financially impossible. That is why we offer great plans to our clients – so that accidents like these do not send people into debt or disruption. But if your vehicle has a pre-existing condition, and you intend on buying a new extended service policy to pay for the repairs, then we advise you take a step back.

An extended service contract is designed to pay for problems that might occur in the future, not to repair problems that already exist.

To protect their customers, extended service policies do not go into effect until the end of a mandatory grace period. Typically, this period lasts for 30 days AND 1,000 miles. After the contract is purchased, the vehicle needs to drive at least 1,000 miles, and at least 30 days need to pass before the contract will take effect. All damages suffered to the vehicle during the grace period are also not covered. The grace period is intended to be a detractor to would-be criminal activity.

Additionally, any claim made within 90 days of enrollment will be scrutinized by the insurance provider. does not process or pay any claims. We bring together good customers and premium insurance providers. The insurance providers we broker determine whether your claim is eligible for reimbursement. We choose the most reliable, financially stable insurance providers in the market – who protect their well-intentioned clients by identifying pre-existing damages. With all the insurance fraud out there, our providers catch most would-be fraudsters in the act. Honestly, it isn’t worth the headache.

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