The DOWC Level 3 Plan is a premium stated component extended service contract that provides a broad blanket of protection against major repairs and many of the minor problems that can take drivers by surprise.

For a detailed explanation of this plans coverage, we recommend reviewing the actual contract here: DOWC Level 3 Contract

The Following Parts Are Covered:

ENGINE: Gasoline Engine: Cylinder block and all internally lubricated parts, including crankshaft, rod and main bearings, cam bearings, connecting rods, wrist pins, pistons, piston rings, camshaft, cam tower, lifters, cylinder head, valves and guides, valve springs, rocker arms, pushrods, timing chain and sprockets, oil pump, oil pump housing, and oil pump pressure relief valve, timing chain housing, timing belt and timing belt pulley, timing belt tensioner, intake and exhaust manifolds, flywheel, balance shafts, harmonic balancer and retainer bolt, crankshaft pulley, valve covers, oil pan, engine oil cooler, oil filter adapter/housing, engine oil sending unit, thermostat and housing, water pump, temperature sending unit, expansion plugs, fuel supply pump, vacuum pump, dipstick and tube, and fasteners for these components.

TRANSMISSION: Automatic: Case and all internally lubricated parts, including oil pump, valve body, torque converter, governor, main shaft, input/output shafts, clutches, bands, drums, gear sets, bearings, bushings, and solenoids, TV cable, electronic shift control unit, computer operated clutch, cooler, dipstick and tube, and fasteners for these components.

Standard (Manual): Case and all internally lubricated parts including main shaft, input/output shafts, gear sets, shift forks, synchronizers, bearings, and bushings, shift linkage and cables, and fasteners for these components.

DRIVETRAIN: Front Wheel Drive: Final drive housing and all internally lubricated parts, including carrier case, gear sets, chain and sprockets, bearings, and bushings, axle shafts, front hub bearings, rear hub bearings, drive shaft support, drive shaft, and fasteners for these components.

Rear Wheel Drive: Drive axle housing and all internally lubricated parts including carrier case, gear sets, bearings, bushings, and limited slip clutch pack, axle shafts, front hub bearings, rear hub bearings, drive shaft support, drive shaft, and fasteners for these components.

STEERING: Housing/case and all internally lubricated parts including rack and pinion equipped valve assembly, sector shaft, rack mounts and cushions, inner rod ends and bellows boots, speed sensor or steering gear equipped pitman shaft and valve assembly, and bearings, bushings, pitman arm, center link, tie rods, idler arm, power steering pump/electric steering motor, power steering pump pulley, electric steering rack, electric steering gear, fluid reservoir, power cylinder assembly, steering main and intermediate shafts, coupling, and fasteners for these

SUSPENSION: Electronic suspension actuator/motor and compressor, air suspension springs, upper and lower control arms, bump stop cushions, control arm shafts, torsion bar mounts and bushings, upper and lower ball joints including front and rear dust boots, steering knuckle, spindle support, wheel bearings and seals, stabilizer shaft, stabilizer linkage including mounts, and bushings, kingpins, and fasteners for these components.

BRAKES: Anti-lock brake system, wheel cylinders, master cylinder, combination valve, assist booster, disc brake calipers, hard lines and fittings, backing plates, springs, clips and retainers, self-adjusters, parking brake linkage and cables, and fasteners for these components.

ELECTRICAL: Keyless entry system, instrument gauges, compass display, thermometer display, power steering electronic control unit, cruise control system, power seat motor, power seat transmission, power window motor, power window regulator, low fuel sensor, low coolant sensor, low oil sensor, power antenna motor, electronic rear view mirror motor, headlight door motor, power sunroof motor, convertible top motor, wiring harnesses, back up lamp switch, brake light switch, hazard warning switch, headlamp switch, ignition switch, multi-function switch, neutral safety switch, turn signal switch, wiper switch, power window switch, power door lock actuator/switch, power mirror switch, power seat switch, power trunk/liftgate lock actuator, seat memory switch, seat temperature switch, sunroof switch, traction control switch, transmission position switch, transmission temperature switch, accelerator pedal position sensor, air temp sensor, ambient temp sensor, brake fluid level sensor, brake fluid pressure sensor, cabin temperature sensor, camshaft position sensor, crankshaft position sensor, oil pressure sensor, oil temperature sensor, seat position sensor, transmission position sensor, transmission temperature sensor, fuel level sensor, coolant level sensor, coolant temperature sensor and relay, electronic fuel injection system except exhaust gas recirculation valve, electronic suspension sensors, electronic suspension controller and limiting valve, electronic suspension lines, and electronic throttle body, voltage regulator, alternator, front and rear windshield wiper motors, front and rear windshield wiper delay controller, starter motor and drive, starter solenoid, electronic ignition module, ignition coils, electronic ignition module, body control module, engine control module, and engine management control unit.

AIR CONDITIONING: Condenser, compressor, clutch and pulley, orifice tube, accumulator, HVAC control module, high/low pressure cutoff switches, high/low pressure hoses, pressure cycling switch, thermostat, drier, temperature control head, fasteners for these components, and Freon-refrigerant if necessary for a Covered Repair.

HYBRID/ELECTRICAL VEHICLE COMPONENTS: Onboard battery charging system, battery charge controller, motor/generator belt tensioner, drive motor dampener, voltage inverter reservoir, three-phase high voltage cables, hydraulic or electric regenerative braking system, onboard computer system including all relays, sensors, ECU & ECM (electronic control units/electronic control modules), power switch/button and controller/electronic throttle control system, hybrid battery junction block, hybrid battery main battery cable, and electric alternating current compressor.

MISCELLANEOUS COMPONENTS: Fuel tank, fuel tank sending unit, fuel tank hard lines, fuel injectors, radiator, radiator fan including fan clutch, fan motor, fan blade, and fan relay, temperature sensor and relay, struts including upper mount and pivot bearing assembly, heated back glass, windshield wiper washer pump(s), heater A/C blower motor, heater core assembly, heater control valve, horn assembly, clutch starter interlock switch.

SEALS & GASKETS: Covered only if required in conjunction with a Covered Repair.

Optional Additional Coverages:

DIESEL ENGINE: Fuel distributor, fuel injection pump, fuel regulator and injectors. The auxiliary fuel pump is excluded.

TURBOCHARGED/SUPERCHARGED ENGINE: Turbocharger, supercharger, waste gate controller, intercooler, hard lines, compressor, clutch and pulley, bypass valve, injection pump, and lines and nozzles.

DRIVETRAIN: Transfer Case – 4×4/AWD Vehicles: Case and all internally lubricated parts including main shaft, gear sets, chain and sprockets, bearings, and bushings, mounts, fasteners for these components, four-wheel drive selector switch, transfer case module, and electronic and vacuum engagement components, including manufacturer’s allwheel drive systems such as Quattro, xDrive, 4-Matic, etc.

Plan Coverage Benefits:

RENTAL REIMBURSEMENT: If Your Vehicle experiences a Breakdown and is inoperable or unsafe to drive and needs to be held for at least one Day as defined herein by a Repair Facility for a Covered Repair, We will reimburse You the Cost to rent a vehicle from a licensed rental agency at a rate not to exceed thirty-five dollars ($35.00) per Day up to the Rental Reimbursement Maximum. Rental Reimbursement is limited to a maximum of five (5) Days per Breakdown of the same Covered Part and an aggregate maximum of thirty (30) Days as limited by the Rental Reimbursement Maximum.

EMERGENCY TOWING / ROAD SERVICE / LOCK-OUT: In the event Your Vehicle is disabled, We will dispatch a service vehicle to Your location to assist You. In the event Your Vehicle is unable to continue under its own power, Your Vehicle may be towed up to fifty (50) miles at no cost to You additional mileage will be Your responsibility and payment must be made by You at the time service is rendered.

Additional roadside assistance services available to You at no cost are: battery jumpstart; flat tire change; fuel, oil, and water delivery; locksmith services. You are responsible for the actual cost of any delivered materials.

Limitations on Coverage: You are entitled to one (1) service per 72-hour period and limited to one (1) tow
per Breakdown of the same Covered Part.

Reimbursement: In the event Your Vehicle is disabled and You contract for any of the above roadside assistance services on Your own which would otherwise be subject to Coverage under this Vehicle Service Contract, You will be able to submit Your original receipted road service expenses for reimbursement consideration. Maximum reimbursement for any services which would be covered hereunder is strictly limited to fifty dollars ($50) per service. You must call the Administrator at 201-777-1000 in order to commence the reimbursement process. Claim processing information will be provided to You at that time.

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PLEASE NOTE: If your vehicle has a pre-existing condition, the insurance provider will not pay for repairs.

Unfortunately, some of our clients have bought a new extended service contract with the full knowledge that their vehicle is already in need of expensive repairs. This practice is all too common in our industry, and it only causes a headache for everyone involved – insurance provider and claimant.

First, we would like to say: We get it. No one expects a car breakdown or costly repair, and sometimes, paying to get the car back in running condition is financially impossible. That is why we offer great plans to our clients – so that accidents like these do not send people into debt or disruption. But if your vehicle has a pre-existing condition, and you intend on buying a new extended service policy to pay for the repairs, then we advise you take a step back.

An extended service contract is designed to pay for problems that might occur in the future, not to repair problems that already exist.

To protect their customers, extended service policies do not go into effect until the end of a mandatory grace period. Typically, this period lasts for 30 days AND 1,000 miles. After the contract is purchased, the vehicle needs to drive at least 1,000 miles, and at least 30 days need to pass before the contract will take effect. All damages suffered to the vehicle during the grace period are also not covered. The grace period is intended to be a detractor to would-be criminal activity.

Additionally, any claim made within 90 days of enrollment will be scrutinized by the insurance provider. does not process or pay any claims. We bring together good customers and premium insurance providers. The insurance providers we broker determine whether your claim is eligible for reimbursement. We choose the most reliable, financially stable insurance providers in the market – who protect their well-intentioned clients by identifying pre-existing damages. With all the insurance fraud out there, our providers catch most would-be fraudsters in the act. Honestly, it isn’t worth the headache.

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