Visit any website of good repute and you will see a few important things on the first page or home page itself. These things will be:
• Sections of information – ‘About Us’, ‘Services’, ‘FAQ’, ‘Contact’ and ‘Blogs’ to name a few
• Images that help you understand more about the company, brand or products
• Live Chat window and
• Various badges and certifications.

All of the above hold true even if you are looking through the website of a car warranty provider. It would be useful to look at some of the badges that warranty providers display so it gives you a clearer understanding of what to expect.

Backed By Top Rated Insurers
Financial strength is measured by many indices. One such index is rankings by AM Best Company. So when you see a claim or a statement on a car warranty website that says it is ‘backed by AM Best “A” Rated Insurance Company’ it simply means that the credit rating has been rendered by A.M.Best which is a global credit rating agency.

You can also check out the insurance companies that support a particular warranty provider by looking for specific names. Some of the names that have an established presence are:
• American Auto Shield
• National Administrative Solutions
• Prime Auto Care
• Royal Administration and so on.

Rated ‘A’ By The BBB
BBB is Better Business Bureau and it is a nonprofit organization that looks at enhancing trust in businesses of all kinds. This organization is one of the biggest entities when it comes to rating a business. The rating system of the BBB runs from ‘F’ which is the lowest all the way to ‘A+’ which is the highest.

The given ratings depend on:
• The number and nature of complaints about a business
• Time or longevity of the business
• Transparency of business processes and products and even
• Misuse of the BBB name.

However, it is a good idea to read other testimonials and information about a business in addition to the BBB rating in order to get a more comprehensive and correct read about a car warranty provider.

ASE Certified Mechanics
ASE is the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. It is also a non profit organization that certifies technicians and service professionals. It is a pretty rigorous certification process. When a car warranty provider states that it uses only ASE certified mechanics then you can rest assured that the quality of repair work done on your automobile will be trustworthy, reliable and cost effective. A car warranty provider will have its own network of licensed mechanics all over the country which makes it easier for you to enjoy reliable services.

Consumer Affairs Accredited
This is another badge that may be displayed on a website of a car warranty provider. One of the good things about this badge is the fact that a car warranty provider gets a reputation for being proactive about interacting with customers and addressing their complaints and grievances. This means a ‘customer first’ attitude and that is always a good thing as far you, a customer is concerned!