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Professional Detailing Tips

With the cost of most everything headed skyward and no end in sight, who can afford to pay $200 to $300 for a full professional automobile detail job? Certainly not me – the good news is that I don’t have to pay through the nose for automobile detailing now that I’ve unlocked the best kept […]

Hidden Filters

Sure, you know al about air filters and oil filters, but did you know that there are other filters on your vehicle that are imperative to its longevity. Some of these filters are virtually invisible, unless you know where to look and many require special tools for servicing. I suggest that you consult your vehicle […]

Scary Noises

There are certain noises that you just can’t afford to ignore. This is especially true when you are behind the wheel of your cherished vehicle. Various types of noises should capture your attention and scare you worse than things that go bump in the night. If you hear any of the following noises when operating […]

Make Extended Auto Warranties Work for You

There are different kinds of problems that you will face when you are driving your car or van. The good news is that you can prepare for these through the help of third party warranty brokers who are waiting to connect with you. In fact, third party providers usually offer more reasonable premiums than your manufacturer […]

Private Car Sellers Benefit from an Extended Car Warranty

The economic downturn has famously reduced the demand for new cars. The lower price of new vehicles has, in turn, depressed the market for used cars. Drivers who privately sell their vehicles are almost guaranteed to get more for it than if they trade their car to a dealer. These days, private sellers are adding […]

Extended Auto Warranties Are There When You Need It Most

Every day we hear about terrible experiences of people stuck on a busy highway or lonely places due to their car breakdowns. A car owner is well aware of the troubles he is likely to face on the sudden breakdown of his car. His car becomes a liability to him and he has to get […]

Benefits of Purchasing Extended Car Warranties

With every brand new automobile, the owner gets a car warranty through which he or she is covered for a specific period of time and mileage, whichever is achieved first. The warranty provided by the manufacturer of the vehicle varies from brand to brand; though, you can easily acquire extended vehicle warranties.

An extended auto warranty […]

Service Contracts – How to Understand Them and Spot the Best

When it comes to car ownership, it is important that you don’t just pay attention to what your car can bring you in terms of prestige and convenience. As a car owner, it is also important that you bring ‘something’ for your car, and at the end of the day this ‘something’ can bring smile […]

An Extended Auto Warranty Is a Must Have

Car repairs can at times be very expensive. Take for instance if it is the engine with a problem. You will quite agree that the engine repair can be very expensive. Enrolling for the extended warranty may seem like some unnecessary for of expenditure. In fact a lot of people will even say with great confidence that […]

Control Expensive Gadget Repairs with a Quality Extended Car Warranty

Within the last 45 years, vehicles have been transformed from machines that the “backyard mechanic” could repair, to requiring the skills of a master technician even to diagnose. Technology has made the “horseless carriage” nearly a computer on four wheels. The sophistication of the electronics of newer cars is only equaled by their expense in […]