A Vehicle Service Contract, sometimes referred to as extended warranty, is a contract that gives car owners the peace of mind of having a contract that covers various types of vehicle repair expenses depending on the coverage level of the contract. Whenever car repair is required, car owners can rely on this contract to cover the costs. Pay My Repairs is an agency dedicated to car owners’ full convenience by bringing to you the best of Vehicle Service Contract options.

Our Mission
Pay My Repairs was established to be a reliable agency for car owners to come to when they are in need of a Vehicle Service Contract that caters to their cars’ repair needs in the time of need, effectively. With our experienced team members and dedication to client satisfaction, we deliver our mission successfully.

With Pay My Repairs presenting to you a variety of contracts and Vehicle Service Contract providers to pick from, you can choose your contract as per your requirements and the needs of your vehicle. With us, you have the guarantee that no matter which Vehicle Service Contract you select, it will be one that offers value, convenience, and quality service.

Why Choose Pay My Repairs
Pay My Repairs has much to offer to you in way of our Vehicle Service Contract broker service, making us reliable and dependable.

Experienced & Knowledgeable
The founders and team behind Pay My Repairs are all experienced and knowledgeable. We have decades of experience in the Vehicle Service Contract industry, being originally involved with Service Contracts being sold through Car Dealerships and working directly with Service Contract Administrators for assistance of handling claims. In fact, it is our experience that inspired us to initiate Pay My Repairs, noticing that bringing programs directly to consumers would help make consumers make considerable savings and have more options to choose from.

With Pay My Repairs, you no longer have to opt for contracts via car salesmen, you have all the convenience through our contract broker service.

Contracts from Top Providers
We work diligently to bring to you contract options that are from the best providers in the nation. There are many Vehicle Service Contract providers but we select only the ones that are renowned and high quality. This way, our consumers have the peace of mind that they can focus on selecting coverage that suits their needs rather than having to worry about the quality of service of the actual providers.
Insured by A.M Best

All contracts available through Pay My Repairs are insured by A.M Best, A rated insurance companies. What that means is that our customers receive an added level of protection. In the unlikely event that the primary administrator cannot pay a claim, insurance companies protect the customer from losing their coverage. In today’s market you can find very inexpensive coverage, however, they are most likely uninsured policies that provide no guarantees and can result in serious financial hassles and hardship later on. For full convenience and value, insured Vehicle Service Contracts are essential – which is exactly why Pay My Repairs only offers 100% insured contracts.

Best Price Guaranteed
Pay My Repairs offers a best price guarantee, providing full value and worth for what you pay for the contract. We have setup an quick quote tool that is free to use so that you may get your quote today and check out our best price guarantee for yourself – it’s no obligation so we don’t put any sales pressure on you!

Customer Satisfaction Comes First
For us, you are top priority and your satisfaction always comes first for us. We go to all ends to make sure that anything that we offer is catering to your satisfaction. From our contract options to exceptional customer service, everything is guaranteed to make your experience with us an enjoyable one.

We look to establish long lasting, positive relationships with all our clients. We understand that your car is no less than an asset and the contract you choose has to offer full value for money. With us, you don’t have to stress about this – we have it covered.

Our Values
For our service to be a good one, our level of service has to be exceptional. The team of Pay My Repairs works by a set of values that define who we are. These values include:

Integrity: We honor the name of Pay My Repairs and respect every customer that comes our way. Working by integrity, we promise honesty of all that we promise and honesty of work as well.

Full Communication: Pay My Repairs is always open to contact. We believe full communication and openness helps our clients trust us better and allows us to cater to your specific needs appropriately.

Hard work: We work hard and diligently to source the best of the Vehicle Service Contract providers and to bring to you a range of contract plans to choose from. All members of Pay My Repairs believe halfhearted work is no work, and deliver all or nothing.

Friendliness: We are positive and friendly to all our clients and go out of the way to ensure your satisfaction. Our professional yet friendly services ensure your experience with us is seamless and positive.

With us, your vehicle’s Vehicle Service Contract needs are covered effectively. We bring to you the best contracts, you only worry about choosing what contract plan to pick. Use our free, online no obligation quick quote tool to get a quote today. For more information or to seek our assistance for any queries, you can contact us anytime – we’d love to help.

In definition, Pay My Repairs is a broker agency of Vehicle Service Contracts. Our range of contracts includes the best programs offered by the most renowned and reliable Vehicle Service Contract providers in the country.